The life-changing gift you give HFOT fathers 

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Playing in the yard or reading a bedtime story with their children are the best parts of being a father for many men. For severely injured Veterans living in non-adapted housing, these special memories are hard to make if Veterans cannot easily exit their homes or walk upstairs.

 Army Sergeant Mario Lopez lost his right arm and sustained severe damage to his feet while serving in Iraq. He often became discouraged when he had trouble keeping his balance on the rocky terrain in his yard and walking up the stairs in his previous home, making it difficult to go outside with his children and access their bedrooms. Receiving a specially adapted custom Homes For Our Troops home reduces these challenges for Mario.

“My role as a father is to be a leader spiritually, help my kids navigate life, be the protector of my family, and caregiver for my children. This home has helped me spend more quality time with my children. I don’t have to go up and down stairs to check on them, and the level ground and walkways make spending time outside with them much easier,” he says. “I feel at ease knowing we have a forever home where we can continue to make a lifetime of memories.”

Thank you for giving injured Veterans like Mario the precious gift of a home to raise their children without barriers.

Happy Father’s Day, from Homes For Our Troops.

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