Take a 360 Degree Virtual Tour Inside One of Our Specially Adapted Homes

Have you seen the inside of our specially adapted custom homes yet? We invite you to take a virtual 360-degree tour inside a Homes For Our Troops home where you can explore many of the special adaptations that make our homes more accessible to severely injured Veterans.

*Homes For Our Troops would like to thank Black Tie Media for donating their services in producing this tour.

Virtual Tour Tips:

  • Click on the blue circles for a description of each adaptation.
  • Zoom in by clicking on the screen.
  • Navigate around the interior and exterior of the home by dropping and dragging the cursor on desktop and swiping on mobile.

List of specially adapted adaptations featured in the virtual tour:

  1. Widened Doorways and Hallways: Enables complete wheelchair access.
  2. Lowered Countertops & Accessible Appliances: Height of oven and cooktop surface enables safe food preparation.
  3. Roll-Under Sink: Wheelchairs fit under all countertops, sinks, and cooktops.
  4. Roll-Under Stove Top: Wheelchairs fit under all countertops, sinks, and cooktops.
  5. Roll-Under Counter: Wheelchairs fit under all countertops, sinks, and cooktops.
  6. Pull-Out Spray Kitchen Faucet: Veterans with limited hand mobility or injuries can easily turn water on and off with this ADA compliant faucet.
  7. Pull-Down Shelving: Eliminates need to climb or reach, reducing risk of falling from wheelchair. Enables the Veteran to safely reach for items in cabinet from wheelchair.
  8. Roll-In Shower: Enables Veteran to transfer from wheelchair, reducing risk of slipping on wet floor.
  9. Built-In Shower Bench: Made of non-slip material, reducing risk of injury. L shape enables easy transfer without getting the wheelchair wet. Guest bathroom is wheelchair accessible, enabling the Veteran to help children during bath time.
  10. Grab Bars: Aids the Veteran’s ability to maintain balance in the bathrooms.
  11. Therapy Tub: Eases pain and discomfort from the Veteran’s injuries. Dual whirlpool/bubble jet action capabilities provide options to support various therapy programs for the Veterans. Window above the tub features motorized blinds.
  12. Digital Shower Temperature Controls: Enables the Veteran to set the water temperature instantly. This is especially important for those with burns and trouble regulating body temperature due to amputations/blood circulation issues.
  13. Programmable Toilet: Bidet enables hands-free use.
  14. Master Closet: Built to FEMA Level 5 standards, doubles as a storm room with pull down closet rods for accessibility. Provides a safe location for the Veteran and his or her family during severe weather and natural disasters.
  15. Prosthetic Charging Area In Master Closet: Enables Veteran to charge multiple prosthetic devices at once.
  16. Accessible Walkway: Enables wheelchair access around the entire home.
  17. Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors: Carpet-free surfaces and no thresholds enable our Veterans wheelchair access throughout the home.
  18. Automatic Doors: Enable hands-free accessibility when entering or exiting the home.
  19. Generator: Has a 20kW capacity to power all major appliances in home during power outages and enables the Veteran to continue charging their prosthetics and power wheelchairs.
  20. Raised Outlets: Easily accessible to the Veteran from a wheelchair.
  21. Dual-Zoned Thermostat: Enables the Veteran and family to be comfortable, and provides an energy cost savings to the Veteran.
  22. Lowered Switches and Thermostats: Easily accessible to the Veteran from a wheelchair.
  23. Elevated Washer and Dryer: ADA Pedestal height enables easy access for laundry. Laundry room sink enables the Veteran to wash/clean prosthetics near the garage as opposed to the kitchen or bathroom.
  24. LED Bulbs/Fixtures: Long lifetime reduces home maintenance for the Veteran and lowers the risk of injury during replacement. Eliminating fluorescent light is beneficial to those who are susceptible to seizures.
  25. Windows: Windows open horizontally and are lower to the ground making it easier for Veterans to maneuver and/or make an emergency escape from a wheelchair.
  26. Tilt Mirrors: Allows Veterans in wheelchairs the ability to adjust the degree of the mirror to see. Allows Veterans the ability to adjust the angle of the mirror to see straight into the mirror from a wheelchair.

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