benefits of estate giving

Did you know there are ways to support Homes For Our Troops that don’t affect your current lifestyle or your family’s security?
By either designating Homes For Our Troops to receive estate assets in the future, you can help further our mission by making immediate gifts of assets that are “out of sight and out of mind.”

A bequest is a gift from your estate—a transfer of cash, securities, or other property made through your estate plans. You can make a bequest to HFOT by including language in your will or living trust leaving a portion of your estate, or by designating HFOT as a beneficiary of your retirement account or life insurance policy.

Remembering HFOT with a bequest from your estate will help sustain and strengthen HFOT in years to come.


MAking a Bequest

A bequest to Homes For Our Troops can be made for a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or for all or a portion of what is left after you have made bequests to your family. To make a gift to HFOT from your estate, you must sign a new will or living trust instrument, add a codicil to your present will, or make an amendment to your present trust instrument.

Alternatively, you can designate HFOT as a beneficiary of a retirement plan or life insurance policy. To do so, contact the retirement plan administrator or life insurance company and complete the appropriate beneficiary designation form. You can designate a specific purpose for such a gift with a separate letter prepared with assistance from the Gifts Officer.

To assist you in preparing your bequest, we have provided sample bequest language below:
“I give to Homes For Our Troops, Inc. in Taunton, Massachusetts, (_____% of my residuary estate) or (all of my residuary estate) or (the sum of $__________ ) to be used for the benefit of HFOT.”

The Benefits:

  • You can make a gift that costs you nothing during your lifetime.
  • You can make a gift that leaves your cash flow and current financial planning unchanged.
  • You can designate and donate. It’s simple.
  • You retain control of and use of your assets during your lifetime.
  • You may modify your bequest if your circumstances change.
  • Gifts to HFOT from your estate are exempt from federal estate taxes
  • You don’t have to use cash to make your gift; you can “buy low and give high” by making your gift with appreciated securities instead.
  • A bequest costs nothing now, yet gives you the satisfaction of knowing you have provided for HFOT in the future.


Popular Giving Arrangements:

Gifts from Your Will or Trust
Need to preserve your assets during your lifetime? You can plan a gift to us that will only take effect after your other obligations are fulfilled.
Gifts from a Retirement Plan
Give us assets subject to double taxation, and leave more to your family.
Gifts of Stock and Appreciated Assets
Take advantage of appreciated securities without incurring capital gains tax.
Gifts of Life Insurance
Make a significant gift to Homes For Our Troops even without a large estate. Here’s how you can leverage your dollars for a larger gift.

For more information on these popular giving arrangements, you can watch the helpful short videos below.


The Estate Giving Journey
The Estate Giving Journey

Here are some informative videos on the popular giving arrangements:

Video - A gift from your will or trust
Video - A gift of life insurance
Video - Giving from your retirement plan
Video - Gifts of stock and appreciated assets

Contact Us

Suzanne Shaheen, Gifts Officer is happy to help you explore options for designating a bequest to HFOT at 508-823-3300 ext. 241 or [email protected]. Please see our sample language below:
“I give to Homes For Our Troops, Inc. in Taunton, Massachusetts, (_____% of my residuary estate) or (all of my residuary estate) or (the sum of $__________ ) to be used for the benefit of HFOT.”

*Those considering a planned gift should consult their own legal and tax advisors.*

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