The comfort you give HFOT moms

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A mother’s primary concern is the well-being of her children. As a Homes For Our Troops supporter, you give the mothers of HFOT Veterans peace of mind by providing their sons and daughters with the security of a specially adapted custom home.

Carolyn Stokes was overwhelmed with relief when she saw her son, Army SPC Harry Stokes, for the first time after losing his legs while serving in Afghanistan. At that moment, nothing mattered more than her son’s health. “I was so glad to see him. Everything else, we’d figure out later,” she says.

Carolyn has been at Harry’s side throughout his recovery. Though he has made significant progress, Harry still faces daily challenges in his non-accessible home. Soon, Carolyn will no longer have to worry about her son injuring himself further in his current living environment. HFOT kicked off the building of Harry’s specially adapted custom home this past November in Amarillo, Texas, and he will receive the keys later this year.

Thank you for giving HFOT moms like Carolyn the greatest gift: the comfort of knowing their children are safe.

Happy Mother’s Day from Homes For Our Troops.

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