The Best Gift for Moms

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The most important thing to a mother is to know her family is cared for and safe. As a Homes For Our Troops supporter, you give families like the Smith Family, a new beginning.

In October 2022, HFOT Veteran home recipient Marine Sgt Mark Smith, his wife Tabitha, and their daughters Margaret, Lilian and Evelyn, received the keys to their new specially adapted custom home in Cochran, Georgia. Tabitha says her family cannot express enough gratitude to HFOT donors and supporters for the tremendous gift of a specially adapted home.

As a busy mom of three children, she has already seen the difference the home has made in their lives and looks forward to the future.

In their previous home, Mark would come home after work and take off his prosthetics to rest his legs, but he would be limited to one room because the wheelchair could not fit through the doorways. Now in their HFOT home, Mark has regained his freedom and independence. Tabitha feels relief that her husband can be the father he has always wanted to be. “Now that we have a specially adapted home, my husband can tuck the children in bed and do household chores from the comfort of his wheelchair which is a huge help to me.”

Without the obstacles of a non-adapted home, Tabitha has more time to focus on her role as a mother. “Motherhood humbles and teaches me valuable lessons every day. It reminds me to be selfless, patient, and to have a servant’s heart. The best thing about being a mom is the joy it brings me to watch them grow, laugh and play, and have the gift of being able to be a mother,” she says. Their favorite family activities include riding bikes, roasting marshmallows outside, movie night, doing puzzles, and an occasional trip to the beach.

Tabitha says it is a blessing to have a beautiful home to raise their family and know that their children will have more opportunities for a successful future.

Thank you for giving all HFOT moms the best gift: a safe place for their family. Happy Mother’s Day from Homes For Our Troops!