IMPACT OF ACCESSIBLE homes FOR injured veterans

Freedom & Independence

After receiving their specially adapted custom Homes For Our Troops homes, a large portion of Veterans have regained a substantial amount of independence. Ninety-five percent of Veterans have seen a reduction in household stress after receiving their home.

Homes For Our Troops Accessible Homes Impact - Freedom and Independence


Once they regain their freedom within the home, many home recipients, and their caregivers/spouses, have the time to pursue an education or trade. The number of Veterans who have obtained or are pursuing a degree or trade certification increased from 18 percent to 72 percent after receiving their specially adapted custom homes. The number was slightly higher for spouses/caregivers, growing from 19 percent to 79 percent. Since they are able to rest and recover comfortably in their homes and their spouses/caregivers no longer have to worry about their safety, many home recipients feel empowered to return to the workforce. The number of Veterans employed grew by 123 percent after receiving their HFOT home. The impact was even more significant for spouses/caregivers, with their employment rate increasing by over 273 percent.

Homes For Our Troops Accessible Homes Impact - EducationHomes For Our Troops Accessible Homes Impact - Employment

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Financial Stability

Receiving a donated home gives home recipients the ability to save for the future. After receiving their HFOT homes, 60 percent of our Veterans increased family income, 66 percent decreased family debt and 92 percent increased family savings.

Homes For Our Troops Accessible Homes Impact - Financial Stability


Living in a safe and stable environment gives home recipients the ideal environment to start or expand their families. Over 240 babies have been born to HFOT families since 2010. The number of Veterans who are married increased from 56 percent to 78 percent. The average American household size remained unchanged at 2.6 from 2005-2019, according to the U.S. Census. During that time frame, the average HFOT family grew from 2.7 to 3.6.

Homes For Our Troops Accessible Homes Impact - Family and Community Involvement


Many Veterans feel so grateful for receiving an HFOT home, they want to continue serving others. After receiving the keys to their homes, the number of Veterans able to pay it forward by volunteering grew from 22 percent to 76 percent.

Homes For Our Troops Accessible Homes Impact - Family and Community Involvement

* Results are based on a 2022 survey of Veteran home recipients and their caregivers, response rate was 65%.

Please take some time to review our Annual Impact Report to see what we’ve been able to accomplish because of our donors’ generosity. This report is not just a recap of what
Homes For Our Troops has accomplished over the past year; it demonstrates the power of the great things that can happen when we work together toward one common goal. The support we receive from donors and sponsors has enabled us to acquire land, build homes, and help rebuild lives. The impact of our accessible homes for injured veterans cannot be overstated. Our accessible homes are making lifelong differences for our injured Veterans and their families.

Once our Veterans move into their safe and fully accessible homes, you see hopes and dreams once again become a part of their lives. They are able to attend school, obtain jobs, expand families, launch businesses, compete athletically, and even climb mountains. Their caregivers are under much less stress and able to accomplish life goals as well.

Your support today enables us to help change these home recipients’ lives and outcomes – forever.



accessible homes for injured veterans
How an HFOT Home Benefits our Injured Veterans


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