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Students of all ages are becoming more and more involved in fundraising! From K-12 all the way to college and beyond, fundraising is a great way to improve your initiative and leadership skills.

Classrooms, schools, teams, parents, and campus clubs can take traditional education a step further by highlighting the importance of social responsibility. Below are some examples of students already leading the way by hosting fundraisers at their schools.

Tip: Work with your school to get the word out about your event! All schools have multiple mediums to connect with students, teachers, faculty, parents, and even alumni!


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A great way to keep your team engaged and refocus their energy is hosting an athletic event in support of a cause that resonates with the athletes. The swim team at Greater Lowell Technical High School hosts a swim-a-thon/dive-a-thon for Homes For Our Troops to culminate their season. They ask friends, family, and supporters to pledge a donation for every lap and/or dive during a three-hour swimming event.

Lowell Tech Head Swim Team Coach Greg Steinberg says, “I believe running a swim-a-thon/dive-a-thon presents a fun challenge to my athletes, while also reminding them that our severely injured Veterans are facing enormous challenges every day. It is the support of their teammates, both Veterans and athletes, that helps them accomplish great things.”

CLubs on CAmpus

HFOT - Alpha Sigma Phi

Many organizations on college campuses have incorporated philanthropic elements. The fraternity Alpha Sigma Phi has chapters at universities across the country that host various fundraising events in support of Homes For Our Troops, one of five philanthropic partners throughout the school year.

Chapters have held softball tournaments, French fry events, and various other fundraisers.

The fraternity says, “The goal is to not only be known for creating high-performing gentlemen; we also want to be known for our role in creating a better world.”

pledge campaign

HFOT - Touchdown for Troops

Byron Nelson High School student Josh Johnson always dreamed of joining the Marine Corps. When he heard that Homes For Our Troops was building a home for a severely injured Marine Veteran in his community, he felt compelled to get involved.

His football team, the Bobcats, started a pledge campaign where family, friends, and fans pledged to donate a certain amount for every touchdown the team scored during the season. Joshua and his family were definitely the driving force behind this effort and found it easy to rally their supportive community around their campaign.

Josh’s mom Shelley Brandt says, “What he did was not anything extraordinary. What he did was the right thing.” Now a junior at Norwich Military Academy, Josh is well on his way to continue his mission of becoming a Marine and serving this great country.

Dress Down Day

HFOT - Parker Core Schools

A fun and easy way to get your students excited to support the good work of Homes For Our Troops is to host a dress down day. Parker Core Knowledge Charter School in Parker, CO holds a red, white, and blue themed dress down day surrounding Veterans Day every November.

By making a donation, students get to leave their uniforms at home and come to school in their red, white and blue best. Director Teri Aplin says, “We are simply humbled by the amazing work of HFOT, and our students love to contribute to the organization’s efforts in this small, but tangible way.”