What you give to HFOT dads

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An accessible living environment plays an especially crucial role for severely injured Veterans who are fathers. Receiving a specially adapted custom home from Homes For Our Troops enables them to care for their children without barriers in a safe environment.

Homes For Our Troops recipient Army Specialist Brett Bondurant can tend to his newborn son in the middle of the night from the comfort of his wheelchair, thanks to the home’s open floor plan. The automatic doors enable Brett to easily go outside and play with his daughters.

“It means everything to me that I can be there for my family without worrying about my mobility. I can move about freely and take care of my children whether I am on prosthetics or in my wheelchair. Living without barriers gives me peace of mind and helps me be a better father,” he says.

Thank you for giving HFOT fathers the ability to spend time with their children without limits.

Happy Father’s Day.