Ways to show your love to Veterans this Valentine’s Day

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Love is in the air! Although Valentine’s Day is billed as a holiday to celebrate with a special someone, it’s also a good time to show appreciation for others. So, this Feb. 14 when you’re showering your sweetheart with gifts, don’t forget to give some adoration to those who have protected and served our country.

Here are just a few ways you can show Veterans some love:

Become a monthly donor

The money you spend on coffee each week or takeout could be going toward the building of an injured Veteran’s specially adapted home. Sign-up for HFOT’s monthly giving program Operation Lasting Support (OLS) here.

Host a fundraiser

Whether you live in a warm climate or a cold one, there’s always an opportunity to fundraise. The activities you love can make great fundraising events including polar bear plunges, yard sales, and sporting events. Find out how to host one for HFOT.

Run a race

If planning a fundraiser isn’t your thing, participate in one! Running a half or full marathon is not only great for your health, but you’ll be changing a Veteran’s life with every stride. Learn more about joining Team HFOT.

Welcome a Veteran home

We host build events for Veterans all across the country. They are a great opportunity to show your support for the Veterans in your community. See if there’s a build near you.

Simply say “Thank You”

Whether it’s a Veteran you’re close with or one you see around town, expressing a message of thanks can go a long way and brighten their day.