Top five States HFOT injured Veterans choose to live and why

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Homes For Our Troops takes pride in the fact we build where our injured Veterans choose to live. Where you decide to lay down roots is an important decision and sets the backdrop to life’s important moments, like starting families, hosting holidays, and celebrating birthdays. Several factors influence a Veteran’s decision, such as proximity to family and medical centers, school systems, jobs, privacy preferences, and urban versus rural settings.

Since inception in 2004, Homes For Our Troops has completed over 280 homes in 42 states. Though our build locations range from warm and sunny climates, to rural Midwestern plains, to the scenic mountain views, there are several locations that are popular among our Veterans.

Here are the top five states that injured Veterans choose to live:

Texas – Everything is bigger in Texas, including the number of HFOT homes. The Lone Star State – especially the San Antonio area – holds the title of the state with the most HFOT builds, with 36 completed homes and 13 in progress. A strong Veteran-friendly community and easy access to healthcare is what drives injured Veterans to this area, and the year-round warm weather is an added bonus. The HFOT Family there is great at supporting each other, and welcoming new HFOT families to the area.

Southern California – Coming in at a close second is California, with 32 completed homes and 14 in progress. While there are several builds in the Northern part of the state, Southern California is the favored area for many HFOT Veterans to settle. It’s no secret the abundance of sunny and warm days attracts injured Veterans, as prosthetics are difficult and often dangerous to use in the snow and ice. HFOT Veterans also cite the Veteran support network and healthcare as reasons for choosing this area. The Southern California HFOT home recipients have created a support system of their own, often hosting get-togethers with one another and attending HFOT build events.

Florida – Catching up to California is Florida, with 17 completed homes and 13 underway. Like the previous two states, the warm climate entices HFOT Veterans to the Sunshine State as well as tax benefits. Many Veterans also enjoy the variety of outdoor activities available, like fishing and swimming.

Washington, D.C. metro area – Since many of our Veterans were treated at Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C., it’s no surprise some choose to stay close by. The abundance of job opportunities is another reason Veterans choose to settle in this area. There are currently three active projects in the region and 15 completed homes on the outskirts of the city in Maryland and Virginia.

Colorado – While some HFOT Veterans despise the cold and snow, others can’t get enough of it. HFOT has built 16 homes in Colorado and currently has two in progress. Many of the Veterans who choose this area enjoy the outdoor activities easily accessible to them such as mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and skiing.

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