This is why we love our donors

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As Valentine’s Day is a time to express affection to one another, we want to share our heartfelt gratitude to our valued donors. So, how much do we love you? Let us count the ways…

You provide freedom: Once they receive the keys to their specially adapted custom home, HFOT home recipients regain the independence they lost after injury. Living in an accessible environment, they are able to return to performing daily routine tasks easily, like washing dishes and preparing meals.

You are rebuilding lives: Many Veterans go on to do some amazing things after receiving their HFOT home. Without restrictions on their mobility, these Veterans have the time and energy to finish school, continue careers, expand their families, start businesses, and give back to their communities. This is only possible because of you!

Your support goes above and beyond: Your generosity and kindness mean a lot to us, and we are always impressed with the amount of support we receive each year. Our donors often thank us for the work we are doing, but the truth is we couldn’t do it without you. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Most of all, we love you because your dedicated support enables us to advance our mission of building homes and rebuilding lives for our nation’s most severely injured, Post 9/11 Veterans. With you by our side, we will build homes and rebuild lives together!