Remember the true meaning of Veterans Day

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On this Veterans Day, I hope all Americans pause amidst the barbecues, college football games, and yardwork, and think about the many freedoms we have: freedom of speech; freedom to assemble; freedom to elect our leaders; freedom of the press; freedom of religion; the right to due process; essentially, the freedom and independence to live our lives and pursue happiness as we desire.

We should also remember why we still have those freedoms guaranteed to us some 230 years ago by our Constitution – the brave men and women who have risen to the occasion every time our Country and our freedoms have been threatened. Today, we have over one million Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen defending our freedom and independence in all corners of the world and at home. Over 2000 have been seriously injured in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of war, and have lost some of their freedom and independence as a result. Our mission at Homes For Our Troops is to assist in restoring some of that freedom and independence by building and donating fully accessible, specially adapted, custom homes to these great Americans. The American people are the ones who provide the funding for this critical mission, and this provides a concrete way to truly say thank you to these amazing heroes. We are thankful for your continued support as we pursue our mission of building homes for all of our severely injured Veterans, and assisting them with rebuilding their lives.

For you Veterans of all eras, I salute YOU for your service and sacrifice. For those who have not worn the uniform of our country, never forget that you do not have to wear a uniform to serve; I salute YOU for your continued support of our Veterans. Happy Veterans Day.


William D. Ivey
Executive Director
Homes For Our Troops