Reasons to run for Team HFOT

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Running several miles is no easy feat. Yet, every year more than 500 Team HFOT members not only agree to participate in 5Ks, 10Ks, half, and full marathons, but they pound the pavement with excitement and pride. All share the same intention and mission: supporting our nation’s most severely injured Veterans.

Here Team HFOT runners share in their own words why they continue to run for Team HFOT.

Helping fellow comrades: As an Air Force Veteran, Amy Tupper runs with Team HFOT because the mission is close to her heart. “I want to make sure my brothers and sisters in arms that need accessible housing are taken care of,” she says. “As long as I can run, I’ll run for Team HFOT.”

The support HFOT provides to runners: From registration to race day, Pat Lane says HFOT is there every step of the way for fundraising, travel planning, and race day logistics. “And knowing you are working with an elite level Veteran’s program makes it easy to speak to your friends and family about the effect that their donation will have on truly rebuilding and changing the life of a Veteran,” he says.

HFOT’s excellent charity ratings: When Susan Sullivan and her husband were researching charities to run the Army Ten-Miler for, HFOT stood out among the rest. They chose to join Team HFOT because it was a mission they believed in and the high percentage of funds that go directly toward the program. “We stay with HFOT because not only does the money we raise help to change the lives of Veterans, it has truly changed mine. The friendships I have made are amazing,” she says. “You realize the Veterans get so much more than the home from HFOT. It truly is a fantastic organization.”

Team HFOT runners help change lives: “We run with Team HFOT for the troops and their families who have already given so much for our freedom. The least we can do is run a few miles.” – Team HFOT runners Meredith and Peter O’Toole.

If you’re interested in joining Team HFOT, we have plenty of upcoming races! Learn about getting involved by contacting Events Manager Cara Yanosick at or visiting