Matthew F. Andresen

Matthew F. Andresen is CEO of Headlands Technologies, LLC, a global quantitative proprietary trading firm headquartered in Chicago, with offices in San Francisco and London.  Headlands Technologies is one of the largest trading firms in the world, ranking in the top five of market activity on many of the world’s largest markets.

Before joining Headlands Technologies, Mr. Andresen was co-CEO of Citadel Derivatives Group (“CDG”), an affiliate of Citadel Investment Group, LLC.  During his five years at CDG, he helped build the world’s premier market making and trading firm.

Prior to Citadel, Mr. Andresen was President and CEO of Island ECN (“Island”), the largest electronic stock market in the United States.  Under his leadership, Island grew from a start-up into the largest market for the trading of Nasdaq-listed stocks, ETF securities, and many NYSE-listed names.

Currently, Mr. Andresen serves on the Securities & Exchange Commission’s Fixed Income Market Structure Committee (“FIMSAC”), advising the Commission on bond trading issues.  Previously, he served on the SEC’s Equity Market Structure Committee (“EMSAC”), advising the Commission on stock trading issues.

Mr. Andresen has appeared as an expert before U.S. Congressional Committees more than 20 times, testifying on a wide array of trading-related topics, such as The Future of Electronic Markets, the Impact of Technology on Commodity Markets, and the Effect of September 11 on Financial Markets.

Mr. Andresen holds a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.  A former world-class fencer, Mr. Andresen was a National Champion, a four-time All-American, and a candidate for the 1996 U.S. Olympic Team.  He was a 2013 Inductee into the Duke Athletics Hall of Fame.

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