Why we love HFOT moms

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The mothers in the HFOT family are really something special. Raising a child is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor, but HFOT moms often take on many other roles without complaint.

The mothers of our Veterans went through every parent’s worst nightmare in witnessing their son or daughter endure severe injuries from service. These brave women stood at the bedsides of their children, aiding them all the way through recovery, and many have even taken on the selfless role as full-time caregiver.

Army SSG Arthur “Bunky” Woods’ mother, Connie, is one of these courageous women. She tends to her son’s needs from dawn until dusk – her day begins making Bunky’s breakfast and ends with the two of them watching TV together. She says she loves being able to take care of Bunky every day – witnessing him doing the activities he loves and accomplishing his goals. Because of donors like you, mothers like Connie are able to watch their children thrive in a safe, comfortable environment.

Watch a full day in the life of Bunky and his mom below:

The spouses of HFOT Veterans with children also take on several admirable responsibilities. Not only do they often serve as caregivers to their spouses, they are loving providers to their children.

Future HFOT home recipient Daniel Fye describes his wife, Nicole, as the “heart and strength” of his family. “With all the ups and downs that we have gone through, she has kept us going. Our kids have the greatest mom any kid could ask for. Her life is her family and we love her with all our hearts,” he says. We certainly cannot forget the women who have served their country while also raising children of their own, like future HFOT home recipient Heather Kready. Heather looks forward to having a home with enough room to spend quality time with her children.

This Mother’s Day, we honor all moms for their resilience, perseverance, and devotion to their children. As a donor, your gift not only supports the Veterans we serve, but also these loving mothers who stand beside them. You can show appreciation to the women in your life this Mother’s Day by making a contribution in their honor.