How you make Father’s Day special for HFOT dads

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Coming home with a new child is a very special moment for every father. Your generosity enables injured Veterans to whole-heartedly enjoy this stage of their lives without limitations. As a new dad, Marine Corporal Kevin Blanchard is able to share the joy of caring for his infant son Beau with his wife Myra. His HFOT home makes it possible for him to fully focus on Beau’s needs.

“Having a single-story home enables me to be more involved in my son’s life by walking with him and not having to worry about going up and down the stairs or tripping over high thresholds with my prosthetic. In the accessible kitchen and bathroom, I can participate fully in tasks like bath time, preparing bottles, and helping with feedings,” he says.

Thank you for providing injured Veterans like Kevin the invaluable gift of caring for their children in a barrier-free environment.

Happy Father’s Day to all dads, and thank you for being the pillar of support for your family.