Honoring Vietnam War Veterans Day

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On March 29, 1973, the last U.S. troops withdrew from Vietnam, ending America’s longest conflict to date. Major combat units had been serving there since 1965; combat advisors had been in country since 1955. These brave men and women were not welcomed home with parades and accolades. In fact, they were not welcomed back at all. Many were derided; most were advised not to wear their uniforms off base. Their response mirrored the quiet professionalism they had displayed in combat; they went about the business of reintegrating into civilian society, and began pursuing careers and raising families. They also vowed to never let this happen again, and they are the reason America is appropriately welcoming home our returning Veterans from our current conflicts.

We at Homes For Our Troops recognize the debt we all owe the Vietnam Veterans, both for their sacrifices in serving our country in time of war, and for setting the conditions for taking care of today’s Veterans. On National Vietnam War Veterans Day – and every day – we want all Vietnam Veterans to know you are appreciated and honored for your service and sacrifice. Your patriotism and determination are the reasons Veterans today are treated with the respect and admiration they greatly deserve. Thank you for leading the way!

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