Honoring Vietnam War Veterans Day

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A big Thank You to our Vietnam Veterans.  Thank you for leading the way in accomplishing your missions in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, and thank you for the professional and gracious way you responded to the outrageous reception you received when you returned to America’s shores.  The shameful actions by many in this country are a stain on America’s reputation.  But you did not allow that reaction of misplaced anger and misdirected vitriol to sway you from your commitment to not only defending this Nation, but to reintegrating into the civilian world and moving forward, despite the lack of respect and understanding by too many fellow citizens.  Your accomplishments on the battlefield and since have set the example for all to follow.

Key among these accomplishments is your commitment to ensure this country never again treats its combat Veterans the way you were treated upon your return.  It would have been easy to get on with your lives and not take on one more fight, but that is not who you are.  In addition to going back to school and work, starting or resuming careers, and raising families, you took it upon yourselves to educate America and create an understanding that those who have fought for our freedoms should be honored and welcomed home from distant conflicts. Your efforts are evident today as we properly welcome home and thank the Warriors of today’s fights, and do so with you quietly and proudly leading the efforts.

Today all Americans should pause to remember and thank our Vietnam Veterans. We at Homes For Our Troops thank you for your sacrifice, service, leadership, and dedication to making life better for today’s Veterans. You led the way 49+ years ago, and you are still leading the way.  Welcome home!

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