Honoring All who Served on Veterans Day

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Veterans Day is a time to reflect and show gratitude to the men and women who have given themselves to defend our nation’s independence and protect our freedom as Americans. These incredible individuals have put themselves in harm’s way for each of us and our families.

Army Staff Sergeant Michael Lage is one of the many brave Americans who made the selfless decision to serve our country. His life changed forever when he was severely injured while serving in Iraq. His life will soon change again, but for the better, when he and his wife April, who is also a Veteran, receive their specially adapted custom HFOT home. Homes For Our Troops kicked off the Lage’s home build in Texas yesterday.

Today on Veterans Day, we want you to know how much your support of HFOT’s mission means to Veterans like Michael and April.

“Receiving a specially adapted home will mean more independence. It will allow us to do more without struggle or unnecessary pain. We will be more financially stable and have the ability to support other Veterans through the nonprofits we volunteer for. This would not be possible without HFOT and all the donors and sponsors. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart,” says Michael.

“HFOT doesn’t just provide a home but rather a foundation for fresh starts. For everything. The stresses that this home will relieve will allow space for so much more joy, love, growth, peace, and living,” says April.

Courageous men and women like Michael and April are the reason we enjoy the many freedoms we have today. We at Homes For Our Troops would like to express our sincere gratitude to all of our supporters, and we thank you for showing Michael and April, and all Veterans, the respect and honor they deserve. Happy Veterans Day.