Homes For Our Troops celebrates National Volunteer Week

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National Volunteer Week, April 17-23, is a time to celebrate volunteers, recognize their impact, and encourage others to get involved with service. Homes For Our Troops is fortunate to have the commitment and support from dedicated volunteers who are inspired by the men and women who protect and serve our country. We highlight a few of them here below.

Ron Cole

Vietnam Veteran Ron Cole has been a loyal volunteer at HFOT’s California events for several years, often donating his photography talents. After attending a few events, he was completely dedicated to the mission. Since 2017, Ron has photographed over 25 build events and taken over 3,000 pictures.

“The Veterans are true heroes, and the sacrifices they have made are so impressive. I’m always amazed at their positive attitudes and how they’re upstanding citizens. I want to give back and help these Veterans get in their homes and share their stories.”

Irma Ramos

Irma Ramos has been volunteering at HFOT build events in Texas since the fall of 2019. She does everything from buying items, to setting up, to speaking about the importance of volunteering, to facilitating Volunteer Days in Texas when HFOT staff is unavailable.

“HFOT means the world to me! It’s an organization that I love being a part of because they give back to our injured Veterans who put their lives on the line so we can still be a country with freedom. I can never do or say enough to show every single one of them how thankful I am for them. I know they bleed red,   white, and blue, and I will forever do so as well.”

Logan Smith

Logan Smith has volunteered at almost every HFOT build event in the San Antonio and Houston areas since the fall of 2019. He is usually responsible for setting up all the banners, flags, bio boards, and heavy items. Logan often helps out the Community Engagement Coordinators by picking up extra supplies like ice or water. One time he even convinced an Army-Navy store to open an hour early so he could get an Army flag for a build event.

“The men and women who protect the freedoms we enjoy in the U.S.A. deserve utmost respect and support. HFOT is the perfect conduit for providing this support because they allow donors to not only contribute financially, but the grassroots nature of the organization provides the community the opportunity to attend events, and show their appreciation to our Veterans by doing the work on the ground, such as setting up for Key Ceremonies and landscaping Veterans’ homes. That is why I choose to give my time and money to HFOT, because it provides me with the opportunity to get out there, meet these heroic post-9/11 Veterans, and look them in the eye and thank them for the sacrifices they have made for our worthy country and way of life. As has been said at many HFOT events, this isn’t charity; this is a moral obligation.”

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