Homes For Our Troops accepts donations of stocks and securities

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As we near the end of 2020, it is a good time to begin thinking about supporting your favorite charities.

Did you know that you can donate stocks, bonds, or other securities? This is a great way to support Homes For Our Troops and the Veterans we serve, with an added bonus of potential income-tax savings!* You can escape the tax on unrealized capital gain, and claim a charitable deduction for the fair marketing value of your shares on the day they are transferred.

This giving season, please consider making a stock donation to HFOT. Many of our donors have been able to maximize their tax savings, and increase their impact by making a larger gift. You can designate your funds to any one of our deserving Veterans or we can apply it wherever the support is needed most. Check out our interactive map to see if there is a project in your area.

If a stock donation isn’t right for you, click here to learn about other ways to donate.

For more information about donating stock, please contact Suzanne Shaheen at 508-823-3300 Ext 241.

*Be sure to discuss any non-cash gift with your financial advisor and leave plenty of time to complete the gift before year-end.*