major gifts Team Members

Caitlyn Darcy - Philanthropy Advisor

caitlyn darcy

Philanthropy Advisor

Territory: Mission Supporters on the West Coast, Hawaii, and Alaska

About Me: Caitlyn has worked at HFOT since 2018, and continues to find it a rewarding and extraordinary experience to help countless Veterans and their families receive the ultimate gift of a safe and secure, barrier-free home. She enjoys partnering with new and existing donors as their support makes a phenomenal impact and keeps the HFOT mission moving forward. Caitlyn lives in Massachusetts with her husband and twenty-five-pound, angsty pup, Hunter.

Favorite Home Adaptation: Our donors’ incredible generosity enables us to provide homes with over 40 special adaptations, restoring some of the freedom and independence our Veterans sacrificed. The full home generator keeps our Veterans with power during the most turbulent weather. When there are lengthy power outages, our Veterans have the ability to charge their prosthetics and power wheelchairs. In some instances, the generators have also allowed their homes to provide shelter for their neighbors!
Contact Me:
Phone: 508-967-9726


Jamie Crossman - Philanthropy Advisor

jamie crossman

Philanthropy Advisor

Territory: Mission Supporters in New England, Maryland, North and South Carolina

About Me: Prior to joining Homes for Our Troops in 2017, Jamie’s non-profit career spanned 25 years. Working at HFOT continues to bring her a feeling of self-fulfillment, and she enjoys paying it forward to Veterans who have sacrificed for our country. Jamie’s driving forces are not only the amazing Veterans and families HFOT serves, but also interacting with those who believe in our mission of Building Homes and Rebuilding Lives. Her goal is to provide an amazing donor experience—one meriting the continued support of our program. Jamie lives in Massachusetts with her family. She enjoys cooking, knitting and reading when she’s not talking about HFOT. Please contact her to learn more or share your thoughts. Feedback is very important as we strive for excellence.

Favorite Home Adaptation:
The safe room aka/the closet in the primary bedroom. This closet not only provides pull down clothing bars for easy access, plus a charging station for prosthetics, it also has steel reinforced concrete walls and ceiling, with a door that is constructed to withstand an F5 tornado. In case of a weather-related emergency, our Veterans and their families can quickly lock themselves in and be safe. Based on the nature of the Veteran’s injury, sometimes fleeing a home in a time sensitive manner is not possible. This saferoom provides another layer of security and removes unnecessary stress.
Contact Me:
Phone: 508-967-9748

Annemarie Amoedo - Philanthropy Advisor

annemarie Amoedo

Philanthropy Advisor

Territory: Mission Supporters in Southern and Midwestern states.

About Me: Annemarie has had the honor of working at HFOT since 2011. With so much experience working with HFOT’s donors, she is ready and able to help with any questions! Annemarie lives in Louisville, KY with her family, and enjoys exploring the city, knitting, gardening, and escaping to the mountains. Her favorite part of HFOT’s mission is watching caregivers and spouses be able to relax and experience more freedom to pursue their dreams.

Favorite Home Adaptation: The design of HFOT’s homes includes widened hallways and doorways, allowing the Veteran complete access to all areas of their homes from their wheelchair. That means they can participate in all aspects of family life, such as cooking dinner or tucking their kids into bed. These things are easy to take for granted, but the freedom and independence they represent is everything to our HFOT families.
Contact Me:
Phone: 508-967-9733

Suzanne Shaheen - Planned Giving Officer

Suzanne Shaheen

Planned Giving Officer

Territory: Planned giving supporters throughout the United States

About Me: Suzanne has had the privilege of working at HFOT since 2014. With many years of service working with incredible HFOT donors throughout the country, she loves to talk, chat, answer questions, and learn more about each donor and their reasons for supporting HFOT. She takes pride in providing a positive donor experience, which is a key aspect of building relationships nationwide. Suzanne lives in the beautiful Pinehurst area of North Carolina. In her free time, she likes to vacation with her family, workout each morning, meet new people, explore new restaurants, read an enjoyable book, watch Boston sports, and spend time with her husband.

Favorite Home Adaptation: The introspective concept of the HFOT home offers Veterans and their families the opportunity to begin the process of healing and rebuilding their lives. An HFOT home provides a sense of peace and comfort and helps in the journey of moving forward. It is not just one adaptation within the home—all adaptations create a viable future for our Veterans and their families.
Contact Me:
Phone: 508-967-9041