A Fundraising Website That Works

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The Fundraising Team is excited to share our redesigned website! It is so important for our current and future supporters to easily access information on how to fundraise for HFOT with just a few clicks or swipes.

The new site features real examples of HFOT fundraisers. Our mindset is to inspire new supporters by making it easy for them to see themselves as an HFOT fundraiser. It doesn’t hurt to give some extra love to our longtime supporters that continually fundraise year after year. With a cleaner look, straightforward navigation, and plenty of visuals, we want to encourage you to host a fundraiser of your own.

If you find yourself talking to friends and family about the important work of Homes For Our Troops, fundraising is a great way to turn your advocacy into action. As your fundraising visions start to develop, we hope our new site will open your eyes to some new possibilities and ideas that have worked well for others.

Let us know what you think!

Email ifundraising@hfotusa.org Phone (508)823-3300 ext. 505

Written by Fundraising Coordinator Monica Sweeney, contact her at msweeney@hfotusa.org