How donors benefit HFOT fathers

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Serving in the military is one of the bravest decisions a father can make. He is willing to risk his own safety to protect his own children. So, you can imagine the extreme frustration these men experience when they return home with injuries so severe daily tasks become a challenge in traditional housing, limiting the amount of time they can spend with their children.

But because of the support from gracious donors like you, many injured Veterans are regaining their independence with a specially adapted custom home. Your contribution provides independence to these deserving Heroes, so they can focus on the important things in life – like being a dad.

Due to the obstacles of traditional housing in his previous home, Army Sergeant Michael Beck could not spend much quality time with his daughters, Kloe and LeAnn, and his wife Nadia had to take on much of the parental duties. Thanks to your generous support, Michael’s daily situation drastically improved when he received his Homes For Our Troops home in North Carolina in 2015. The automatic doors, open floor plan, and accessible appliances in the home gives Michael the freedom to do all sorts of activities with his girls. “I can spend time with them doing things like throwing tennis balls for the dogs in the yard,” he says.

This Father’s Day, we recognize all dads for the sacrifices they make to provide for their children. Learn more about how you can show appreciation for the fathers you know here.