SFC Rudy Velasquez Jr.

New Braunfels, TX

Rudy Velasquez Jr. was inspired by his father, a Vietnam War Veteran, to serve his country. In 2007, several years after finishing high school, he enlisted in the Army.

On June 9, 2012, Sergeant First Class Velasquez was serving in Afghanistan on his second combat tour as a Section Chief with Alpha Battery, 2-77 Field Artillery, 4th Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, when an artillery blast knocked him unconscious during an enemy attack. Rudy finished his tour, but the effects of the severe concussions he suffered continued to progress. He was later medically retired due to these combat-related injuries, including traumatic brain injury (TBI) and significant vision loss.

Now medically retired, Rudy and his wife, Jenny, have four children, Rudy Velasquez III, Jaxon, Vida, and Gianna. A close-knit family, they enjoy playing games and having weekly movie nights. Rudy faces many obstacles in the family’s current home because of the loss of his peripheral vision and depth perception. The cramped floor plan, as well as the lack of adequate lighting, are safety hazards. He often must count steps to know where he is, particularly in the non-adapted kitchen with hanging light fixtures and slippery flooring.

Receiving a specially adapted custom home from Homes For Our Troops with an open floor plan, custom chair molding/hand railings, voice, and motion-activated appliances, lights and thermostats, keyless door locks, and magnetic door stops will allow Rudy to safely walk from room to room in his home during the day and at night. He’s looking forward to the level walkway with tactile delineators around the perimeter of the house, which will give him the freedom and independence to move in and out of the home safely and securely. The mortgage-free home will also reduce stress in the family and allow them to spend more time together doing the activities they enjoy.

Rudy is choosing to remain in Texas to be near his family.

Rudy would like HFOT donors and supporters to know the impact they have on the lives of Veterans. “Thank you for what you do for Soldiers. The road to recovery is a long one, as is the transition to civilian life. With the help and support you provide, we know there are people like you that have our backs. You’re making an incredible impact on Veterans and their families, and no words will ever be able to express my gratitude—you are changing our lives.”

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