SGT Eric Trinidad

Port Orange, FL

After losing a family member in the 9/11 attacks, Eric Trinidad joined the Army to serve his country.

In 2004, Sergeant Trinidad, a combat engineer, deployed to Iraq with the 1088th Engineer Battalion, 256th Brigade Combat Team. While conducting combat operations in Mahmudiyah, South Baghdad, he was offloading C-4 when the heavy door to his truck swung back and struck him. The impact knocked him unconscious and resulted in a partially detached retina that went undetected. Two months later, during a night mission, SGT Trinidad was shot by a sniper in the left forearm and right shoulder. He was treated for the wounds in theater and finished his deployment.

After returning to the United States, Eric experienced severe headaches for several years. The VA determined that his persistent migraines resulted from the injuries he sustained while deployed. These injuries resulted in the continued deterioration of his eyesight, leading Eric to become legally blind.

After completing his time in the army, Eric continued to serve the Veteran community as a Veteran Service Officer and later, as a clinical social worker for the VA. In his free time, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife Ariana, playing golf, practicing Brazilian Jiujitsu, and participating in adaptive sports. He also plays the conga and bongo drums.

Receiving a specially adapted custom home will improve Eric’s overall quality of life and give him the time to focus on his goals. He looks forward to the freedom he will regain with the open floor plan and the hands-free accessibility features. Automatic doors and lights, as well as widened doorways and hallways, will help Eric maneuver easily throughout the home, minimizing the risk of falling. Eric and Ariana look forward to having the space for a gym so they can work out together. In the future, they hope to start a family.

Originally from Puerto Rico, Eric is choosing to build his home in Florida where he currently lives.

Eric would like HFOT donors and supporters to know they are changing his life, as well as the lives of generations to come. “Thank you for giving my life back. This home will be a blessing.”

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