SSG Samuel Shockley

Eatonville, WA

Mission Accomplished on Sept. 17, 2016


Army Staff Sergeant Sam Shockley was on a dismounted route clearance mission in Panjwai, Afghanistan with the 38th Engineer Company when he triggered an improvised explosive device (IED) on March 17, 2013. The blast resulted in the loss of both legs above the knee and severe injuries to his arm and hand.

A specially adapted custom HFOT home has allowed Sam to be more independent and focus on his future. He received his degree in operations management from Ohio State University and is now pursuing a Master of Business Administration degree at Washington State University. He is also interested in attaining his pilot’s license.

Sam would like to thank HFOT donors and supporters for caring about him through difficult times. “By giving me this home you are giving me hope that life is not over when you lose so much. I want to thank everyone for not forgetting about me.”