Sandy, OR

Mission Accomplished on Dec. 11, 2010

On June 13, 2004, Army Specialist Kevin Pannell was serving in Iraq as an Infantryman with the 1st Cavalry Division when he was severely injured. Kevin’s 12-man unit was on a routine foot patrol in a dangerous area of central Baghdad when he was ambushed in an alleyway.

During the firefight, SPC Pannell heard two “clinks” behind him. He said the sounds were from grenades, thrown by insurgents, landing at his feet. One of the grenades rolled against his right foot and exploded, knocking him down and severely damaging both his legs.

After tourniquets were applied by his fellow Soldiers, he was transported to the 31st Combat Support Hospital in Baghdad. He was eventually transported to Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where he underwent 13 operations including the amputation of both of his legs; one below and one above the knee.

In the years after receiving his home, Kevin continues to serve his community and country through Team Rubicon, a nonprofit that assists in disaster relief. In April 2014, he traveled to Arkansas to help with recovery efforts after a series of tornadoes struck the area.