Trussville, AL

Mission Accomplished on Nov. 11, 2010


Army SSG Scot Noss was injured on Feb. 18, 2007, when the Chinook helicopter he was riding in crashed in the mountains of Southern Afghanistan. Eight of the twenty-two service members did not survive the crash. Scot was severely injured, sustaining a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI). After being stabilized in Germany, Scot was transferred to Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland and later to the James A. Haley Medical Center in Tampa.

Scot enjoyed sports including running and football, which was his favorite sport for both watching and playing, he was also an avid reader. Homes For Our Troops, with the help of volunteers, donors and sponsors, awarded Scot and his wife RyAnne a specially adapted home on Veterans Day in 2010. The home provides Scot with stability and a better quality of life.

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