Covington, LA

Mission Accomplished on Nov. 17, 2007

Cpl Matthew Cole was on his second tour of duty when he and another Marine were struck by a mortar round fired by insurgents. Cpl Cole suffered injuries to his spinal cord and lungs which left him a T-8 paraplegic. A year after Matt was injured, he and his wife Kim purchased a home in Covington, LA that needed adaptations to accommodate Matt’s injuries.

Matt filled out an application with Homes For Our Troops requesting our help making an accessible master bathroom and kitchen as Matt is studying to become a chef. While Homes For Our Troops was more than willing to help the Coles we did not have the resources so we placed Matt on the waiting list.

Unfortunately, the list of Veterans was long and Matt was unable to wait. He and his wife took a second mortgage on their home and paid a contractor to take care of the adaptations. When HFOT called Matt to check on him it learned of his second mortgage, and HFOT arranged to pay it off to ease some of their burdens. Homes For Our Troops would like to thank all of our donors who support us in serving our Veterans.