Army Corporal Duane McGhghy

Temple, TX

Duane McGhghy joined the military for a fresh start and the opportunity to grow and mature. He enlisted in the Army as an Infantryman, deploying to Iraq in 2007.

On Oct. 11, 2007, CPL McGhghy was heading back to the Forward Operation Base (FOB) after a multi-platoon patrol with D Co., 1-28 Infantry, 4th BCT, 1st Infantry Division, when his vehicle was hit by an explosively formed penetrator (EFP). CPL McGhghy lost his left leg below the knee and sustained a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in the blast.

Medically retired, Duane and his wife Cortney are proud parents to their three children – Austin, Chloe, and Oliver. Duane rides motorcycles with the Veteran run organization called The Road Warrior Foundation, and sky dives with another one called Jump For Valor in his free time. He found a great support network through these endeavors, and it has inspired him to help other Veterans find the same benefits. He and Cortney also run their own plant business, Hey Darlin Plants.

Duane says receiving a specially adapted custom HFOT home will give Cortney and him the energy to give back to the organizations that have helped him, and aid other Veterans who need support. Duane cannot dedicate as much time as he would like to these pursuits because he has to cope with the obstacles in his non-adapted home. He often becomes discouraged when he cannot rest his leg in his wheelchair at the end of the day because most rooms are not big enough to use it in. Receiving a single-level HFOT home will enable Duane to rest and recover at the end of a long day.

Growing up in Texas and Arkansas, Duane is choosing to build his home in Texas to be close to family and healthcare.

Duane and his family feel honored to be the recipients of the life-changing gift of an HFOT home. “Thank you for giving us a chance at having an easier lifestyle and for my children to see me able to get around our home comfortably and not struggle with daily tasks,” he says. “We are so excited that this will be OUR home where I can rest and easily navigate in the future.”