SSG Timothy Kramer

minatare, NE

Mission Accomplished on March 4, 2023

Determined to become a police officer after graduating from high school, Timothy Kramer joined the Army as a military policeman with the 58th Military Police Company, 25th Infantry Division.

While on his second deployment to Iraq on Aug. 6, 2006, Staff Sergeant Kramer was transporting detainees when his unit encountered enemy fire and their vehicle ran over an improvised explosive device (IED). Timothy remembers a bright flash of light then waking up in the medic tent.

Despite sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI), Timothy remained in theater through the end of his deployment. Upon returning to the United States, his health began to decline. In 2009, Timothy experienced a stroke, resulting in the loss of use of his left hand and foot, bilateral hearing loss, seizures, and traumatic headaches. He then underwent months of physical therapy and rehabilitation.

Now medically retired, Timothy enjoys spending time with his wife, Cassidy; their three daughters, Destinee, Raylyn, and Brynley; his son-in-law, Aaron; grandson, Ronan; and the family’s three cocker spaniels. One of their favorite family activities is camping trips. He is also a member of his local VFW Post 36 and is a big fan of the University of Nebraska’s football team, the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Though Timothy has made significant progress in his recovery, he still experienced obstacles within his previous home. It was frustrating for Timothy when he could not care for his daughters while in his wheelchair because of the narrow hallways and doorways.

Timothy has regained his independence with a Homes For Our Troops specially adapted custom home. Features such as automatic doorways, no thresholds, and pull down shelving mitigate many of the obstacles he had faced in his previous home. Receiving a donated home gives his family the opportunity to travel and hopes to use his love for the outdoors to help fellow Veterans by starting a nonprofit that coordinates outdoor retreats consisting of fishing, hunting, and camping.

He chose to build his HFOT home in the Lake Minatare area in Nebraska, where he grew up.

Timothy feels that a thank you to HFOT donors and supporters does not suffice. “To each and every one involved from the staff, donors, volunteers, and workers, thank you for all you do for Veterans. It’s people like you that make fighting for America worth it even more; with all my heart I say thank you and God speed.”

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