SSG Oscar Guerra

New Braunfels, TX

Oscar Guerra joined the Army in 1998 with a desire to travel and see the world. He immediately fell in love with the military. The climate and brotherhood of serving was like nothing he’d ever experienced.

On Aug. 2, 2007, Staff Sergeant Guerra was on his second deployment serving as an Infantryman with the 2nd Battalion, 3rd Infantry Regiment, 2nd Infantry Division, when his vehicle drove over an improvised explosive device (IED) near the Baghdad International Airport (BIAP). The subsequent blast killed several of SSG Guerra’s teammates and injured eight others, including fellow Homes For Our Troops Veterans Adam Putt and Michael Gower.

The explosion caused severe injuries to SSG Guerra’s left leg, and doctors immediately amputated it at a Baghdad hospital after his medical evacuation. Once he returned to the United States, he continued surgeries and rehabilitation at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio. At first, Oscar had a difficult time during his recovery. However, he soon found inspiration from others he rehabbed with, and his outlook improved with each new milestone he reached.

Now medically retired, Oscar’s main priority is his three sons and wife Felicia. He says it is especially important to him to raise his sons as good, productive men. He enjoys inspiring and influencing young people and hopes to become involved in community based activities as a mentor, like the Boy Scouts of America and Junior ROTC.

Oscar wants to continue giving back to others, but his current living environment prevents him from pursuing many of his aspirations. It is frustrating for Oscar that Felicia takes on much of the outdoor home maintenance because their home is on a hill and difficult for Oscar to navigate on his prosthetics. His bathroom is not wheelchair accessible, so Oscar is forced to hop on his remaining limb when transferring into the shower, risking further injury. It is especially discouraging for him to rely on his family for help around the home because his wheelchair does not fit in many of the rooms and hallways. He says receiving a specially adapted custom HFOT home will mitigate many of his current obstacles and empower him to pursue his future endeavors. He would like to continue his education and start his own nonprofit. “Giving back will be my new mission,” he says.

Originally from Los Angeles, Oscar is choosing to build his home in Texas for the area’s climate and culture.

Oscar wants HFOT donors to know his home will not only benefit himself, but his family as a whole. “The home is going to restart our life and keep us worry-free, and create the environment we can only dream about now,” he says.

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