Marcellus, NY

Mission Accomplished on Oct. 25, 2008

Jeffrey Guerin joined the Army to learn skills as a medic and advance his education. 

On Oct. 14, 2004, Sergeant Guerin, serving as a combat medic, was on his first deployment to Afghanistan when his life changed forever. His vehicle was ambushed and destroyed by an improvised explosive device (IED) while conducting a security patrol with the 2-5 Infantry Battalion, 25th Infantry Division. Fellow members of the small patrol aggressively fought the Taliban attackers, secured the area, and began medical treatment for those injured. 

Jeffrey, an invaluable member of the medical platoon, remembers almost nothing about that day. The explosion’s impact broke both his legs, and shrapnel from the IED blinded him entirely in his left eye and left minimal vision in his right. 

Jeffrey’s leg injuries, coupled with his impaired eyesight, made navigating his previous home difficult. His single-level HFOT home with wide hallways and walkways makes it easier for him to get around and enjoy his favorite activities like cooking and exercising. “I am more independent and can take care of my home and do things for my family that I wasn’t able to before,” he says. 

Jeffrey appreciates everyone who contributed to the building of his home. “Thank you for giving me this home which provides me with as much independence as possible,” he says.