SSG Christopher Gordon

Groveland, FL


On March 13, 2005, Army Staff Sergeant Christopher Gordon was serving as the company sergeant with A Company, 1-5 Infantry Regiment, 25th Infantry Division, in Tal-Afar, Iraq, when a roadside bomb hit his vehicle. The explosion resulted in the loss of his right leg above the knee and severe damage to his left leg and left arm.

SSG Gordon spent a year recovering at Walter Reed Medical Center, undergoing several surgeries and learning how to walk with a prosthetic leg. His health and pain level vary from day to day, and on the bad days, he resorts to using crutches to aid in his mobility.

Now medically retired, Christopher is studying graphic design at Valencia State College and enjoys golf and therapeutic horseback riding. He also spends time supporting other wounded Veterans. However, for the past ten years, Christopher has had to endure the challenges of living in a non-ADA compliant home. A specially adapted home from Homes For Our Troops with wider doorways and hardwood floors throughout will be beneficial to Christopher when using his crutches or wheelchair. Additionally, the roll-in shower and accessible bathroom will allow him to bathe and shower safely.

Christopher says living in a new mortgage-free home from Homes For Our Troops adapted to his injuries will be a tremendous motivating factor, and help him become more involved with his community and Veteran activities. “I can just imagine my quality of life improving a great deal in so many ways with this home,” he says. “I won’t have to worry about possible further injury because I will be living in an adequately equipped home.

Originally from New York City, Christopher is choosing to build his home in Groveland, Florida, where he currently lives with his family. The location is close to other family members and the warm weather is better for his injuries.

Christopher says he wants all HFOT donors and supporters to know they are making a difference. “Being provided a mortgage-free, specially adapted home is truly life-changing. There are not enough words to express my gratitude,” he says.


Updated: 1/12/17