SGT Brian Fountaine

Plymouth, MA

Mission Accomplished on April 5, 2008

During his first deployment, Army Sergeant Brian Fountaine’s unit routinely came under attack from mortars and rifle fire.

In 2006, SGT Fountaine volunteered for a second tour of duty. On June 8, while serving with the 1st Brigade Combat Team of the Fourth Infantry Division, SGT Fountaine, a tank commander, came under attack. Two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) detonated under SGT Fountaine’s vehicle. It was the fifth time that the soldier had survived an IED explosion. The blast resulted in the loss of both his legs.

Homes For Our Troops awarded Brian with a specially adapted home on April 5, 2008. Thank you to everyone who donated supplies, labor, and money to this project. Without people like you, none of this would’ve been possible.