Pittsburgh, PA

Mission Accomplished on May 17, 2008

James Fair’s story is one that’s heard on almost a daily basis: a U.S. soldier in Iraq sustains a life-altering injury due to an enemy munition. Fair was stringing barbed wire around an ammunition supply point in Fallujah, Iraq, in November 2003 when he stumbled onto a makeshift enemy bomb. He lost the sight in both eyes and both of his hands.

Shrapnel severely injured his right leg and caused a traumatic brain injury. Fast forward to 2007, where Duquesne Light and the Home & Garden Show teamed up with Homes For Our Troops to assist James as he continues to move forward in his recovery.

Homes For Our Troops is proud to have presented James a specially adapted home on May 17, 2008. A home that he can call his own and that will allow him to move freely and become more independent.