LCPL John Curtin

Arrington, TN

Mission Accomplished on June 15, 2019

Marine Lance Corporal John Curtin joined the Marines at the age of 19 because he felt a sense of duty and wanted to protect his family. On Feb. 15, 2011, a month into his first deployment, LCpl Curtin, an Infantryman, was completing an After Action Review in a compound with the 3rd Platoon, Echo Company, 2/8 Marines, in Sangin Valley, Afghanistan, when his foot triggered a pressure plate improvised explosive device (IED).  The blast resulted in the loss of both his legs and severe damage to his right forearm.

When LCpl Curtin first arrived back stateside he had surgeries every other day for about three weeks. He became an outpatient at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in May 2011, where he began physical therapy. It was then that he met his wife Brittany, who was volunteering at the hospital with the Red Cross. The two formed a friendship first and began dating after John asked her to the Marine Corps Ball. They got married in November 2015 and now have two daughters, Ashlyn and Lillian.

John hasn’t let his injuries stop him from pursing his goals. He recently obtained his welding degree and has his own shop in his home. He also plays sled hockey for Nashville’s Sled Predators and made the US Developmental Sled Hockey Team as a defenseman.

Even though John has achieved many accomplishments, he still faced limitations in his previous living conditions. He says his specially adapted custom HFOT home enables him to prepare meals and help out in other ways in the kitchen. He also has easy access to the outdoors, which enables him to spend time with his family and dog. With these burdens lifted, John says he is now able to channel his energy toward his career. The space also provides him with an opportunity to grow his hobby, woodworking, which he was previously unable to do.

John grew up in upstate New York, but chose to build his home in Tennessee to be close to friends and family, and for the preferred terrain.

John says he could not be more grateful for the generosity and thoughtfulness of HFOT’s donors and supporters. “It is because of their giving spirit that I now have a home that is welcoming to me and eliminates stress from myself and my family. People like that is what motivated me to join the Marine Corps and be a part of something greater than myself,” he says. “I am truly honored and blessed.”

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