Columbia, MO

Mission Accomplished on June 26, 2010

In May 2009, during his second deployment, Army SSG Robert Canine was a truck commander returning from a patrol with the 1st Infantry Division in northwest Baghdad when an Explosively Formed Projectile (EFP) struck his vehicle. SSG Canine sustained injuries so severe, both of his legs required amputation. First transported to a field hospital, SSG Canine was then taken by Blackhawk helicopter to Balad before arriving in Landstuhl, Germany where he fell unconscious. Five days later Robert awoke at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and began his road to recovery.

SSG Canine enjoys spending time with his teenage son, Sebastian. He has always enjoyed playing football and watching baseball. He also enjoys fishing with his son. Robert is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in business administration and is a loan officer with Veterans United and volunteers as a Veteran Service Officer at the Disabled American Veterans branch in St. Louis. Since receiving his HFOT home in June 2010, Robert has grown his family; his second son was born in 2018.

Robert is grateful to all the support he received from everyone who made his home a reality. “It is humbling and I appreciated it so much. The home eliminated the daily challenges I had just getting around…this home improved my daily quality of living.”