Cascade, MT

Mission Accomplished on April 8, 2007

On February 11, 2005, SSG John Bennett was serving in Iraq with the Charlie Company, 163rd Mechanized Infantry, Montana, ARNG, when he was shot in the stomach by a sniper. As a result of the bullet wound, SSG Bennett sustained severe internal injuries and was left paralyzed from the waist down.

After extensive surgeries and prolonged stays at spinal cord injury facilities, John was able to return home. At the time, John and his family were living in a small home that presented many challenges to his daily living. In particular, his children’s bedrooms were not on floor level, and his bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom/shower could not accommodate a wheelchair.

In 2007, Homes For Our Troops was able to build SSG Bennett a new specially adapted home in Cascade, Montana, through the generous support of fundraisers and services of General Contractor, Terry Curnow of Curnow Construction. John now has full access around his home and the ability to live more independently since it has been modified to his needs.

John is happily settled in the Cascade community and enjoys spending time with his youngest child who still lives with him at home. He also became a proud grandfather in December of 2012. He would like to extend his sincere gratitude to all of those who supported his Homes For Our Troops project and this life-changing gift. “The home has made everything so much easier, from showering to just everyday life. The generator has made the winters here in Montana so much better. It has kicked on about six or so times since being installed. So nice. There is no way I can ever thank Homes For Our Troops enough for this.”