15 Reasons Why I Love Homes For Our Troops

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February is the start of our 15th Anniversary celebration and it is also the season of love! Here we share with you the reasons our supporters and Veterans love Homes For Our Troops.

  1. “As a Veteran myself, I fully appreciate the sacrifice made by these amazing young patriots, who offered their lives, for the protection of our great country, through military service. There is no greater sacrifice than this, and, it is a sacrifice that is made by the entire family, as well. We could not stand idly by, and do nothing. We researched organizations that offer assistance to disabled veterans, and, were very pleased to see that nearly 90 cents of every dollar spent goes directly to program services. We are excited about assisting someone who lives in our area, which allows us to participate in other ways, not just financial.” – HFOT supporters Gene and Linda Stone, St. Petersburg, FL
  2. For me, the best part of the home is the spiritual and mental lift it gives a Veteran. It takes financial and physical burdens out of the way, so the Veteran can focus on being well and building a life with their family.” – 2005 home recipient Army SGT Peter Damon, Middleborough, Mass.
  3. “The home has made everything so much easier, from showering to just everyday life. The generator has made the winters here in Montana so much better. It has kicked on about six or so times since being installed. So nice. There is no way I can ever thank Homes For Our Troops enough for this.” – 2007 home recipient John Bennett, Cascade, MT
  4. “It’s wonderful to be able to participate in meeting the severely wounded Veteran and their family at the time of a Groundbreaking Ceremony, and then for the key festivities, when you can actually get a tour of the beautiful home.  We also love the opportunity to present a house warming gift to our most deserving Veteran. We love the personal contact we’ve had with the recipients, and also with the many wonderful members who make up the staff of HFOT.  Every contribution is very well spent!”– HFOT supporters Joanna and Joel Fox
  5. “I am forever grateful for your gift of a place to call ‘home’, the safety of a door that locks, and the certainty of a place to return to each day. The return home has restored my sense of safety, dignity, home, and hope. Thank you for making me feel that I served for a purpose.” – 2009 home recipient Marine Cpl Visnu Gonzalez
  6. It’s been nine years since we received our forever home. I was then, and continue to be, forever grateful to Homes For Our Troops for gifting us this beautiful home and making sure it was perfect for our needs.” – 2011 home recipient Ivonne Thompson (wife of Navy PO2 Anthony Thompson)
  7. “I consider it a privilege to help these Veterans who gave so much for my freedoms.”  –HFOT Supporter Nancy Hughes
  8. The barrier-free home provided by HFOT really is just that – from the physical, to the financial, and even emotional. Its impact is hard to properly describe, but I could not imagine a life without it. Saying ‘Thank You’ does not come close to the amount of appreciation I have for HFOT’s donors and supporters,” – 2011 home recipient Marine Sgt Adam Kisielewski
  9. Our HFOT home has changed our lives forever. From the doorways to the roll-under counters to the walkway outside, everything about our home is amazing. We cannot thank you enough for what you have done – for not only Jeff, but for our whole family. When you commit to building a home for a Veteran you not only help the Veteran you help the families also. I cannot express how thankful we are for our forever home.” – Morgan Kessler (wife of 2013 home recipient Marine Cpl Jeff Kessler)
  10. I am able to help more around the house. I have no boundaries since I can use my wheelchair when my legs are tired. I can be a better father to my son now that I don’t have go upstairs to put him to bed.” – 2018 home recipient Army SGT Robert “Finn” Visbal
  11. My home has given me life through mobility. The design of the home and that automated system allows me to move freely and safely without fear and worries.” – 2017 home recipient Navy PO2 Timothy Birckhead
  12. The work HFOT does for our Veterans is life-changing. nearly 90 percent of every dollar spent goes to the creation of the specially adapted custom homes and provides real, tangible results in improving their lives. The Veterans HFOT help have already given so much for their country and all us, it means to help give back to them. Plus, running for Team HFOT is such an amazing group of supportive runners. It is an honor to run with them.” – Team HFOT runner Nancy McEvoy
  13. “I am now able to live my life to the fullest. I can participate in my hobbies of hunting, shooting, and spending time with my family.” – 2017 home recipient Army SGT Richard “Tony” Doyle
  14. “Having a stable home where the only cost is for maintenance has relieved stress of providing for my family. It has given my four children emotional support and stability that they didn’t have due to my injury and bouncing from place to place.” – 2013 home recipient Marine MSgt John Hayes
  15. Words cannot express what having an HFOT home means to me. First and foremost it is a great blessing that absolutely has brought a new light, meaning, and joy to my life. Having an HFOT home to me means been able to finish what I started. It means that I now can pursue life with a great sense of accomplishment. It means that I can now look towards the future, smile and conquer all those plans I have.” – Future home recipient Army SFC Henry Escobedo