WHERE ARE THEY NOW: What severely injured Veterans have been able to accomplish in their adapted homes

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As an organization that has delivered homes to injured Veterans for the past 15 years, Homes For Our Troops has many inspiring stories to share. Empowered by the freedom of an adapted home, these Veterans go on to start careers, businesses, and continue serving others. Here are a few of their inspiring stories.

2005 home recipient Army SGT Peter Damon – Opening up his own art gallery was more than a stroke of luck for HFOT’s first home recipient Peter Damon. He says the financial freedom and independence he regained from his HFOT home enabled him to open True Grit Art Gallery in 2015, where he displays his own artwork as well as other local artists.

2007 home recipient Army SGT Shawn Monroe – Shawn is a substitute teacher for the Santa Fe public schools. He is also a singer, often performing the National Anthem for HFOT events including the Dallas Fort Worth Clayshoot. Shawn is able to raise his sons with his wife Kristi without physical limitations in his HFOT home.

2008 home recipient Army SGT Marcus KuboyMarcus has earned degrees in clinical social work with a focus on Veterans and their families. He is also busy supporting organizations that work to prevent suicide.

2009 home recipient Army SGT Travis Wood – After receiving his home, Travis finished his degree and is now a middle school science teacher.

2010 home recipient Marine Cpl Neil Frustaglio – Neil earned his degree in communications from Arizona State in December 2016. He and his wife Pam have also expanded their family since receiving their home.

2011 home recipient Marine Sgt Adam Kisielewski Since receiving his home, Adam has accomplished many of his goals and dreams. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and theology and recently earned a master’s degree in policy at Georgetown University. He has become an instrument-rated pilot and is working toward his multiengine certification. He is also paying it forward for other Veterans as a member of HFOT’s Board of Directors, starting up HFOT’s Veteran Action and Advisory Team (VAAT), and often speaking at HFOT events. Learn more about his story by watching his Rebuilding Lives video.

2011 home recipient Army SFC Charles Armstead Ever since receiving his HFOT home, Army SFC Armstead has been taking lots of shots – literally. Charles wheelchair basketball skills led him to the 2016 Invictus Games. He also enjoys hand cycling and fishing. Find out more about his story by watching his Rebuilding Lives video.

2012 home recipient Army SSG Earl Granville – Earl has made a name for himself as an adaptive athlete and an advocate for fellow injured Veterans by raising awareness about Veteran suicide prevention. He often competes in Tough Mudders and has ran in the Boston Marathon several times.

2013 home recipient Marine Sgt Matt Amos – After medically retiring from the military, Marine Sgt Matt Amos started his own beard oil company Admiral’s Pennant. He says the roll-under counter tops of his specially adapted custom home – where he mixes each bottle by hand – is a huge convenience. Additionally, Matt says he would not have been able to start the business if he had a mortgage. Learn more about Matt’s story and his business by watching his Rebuilding Lives video.

2014 home recipient Army SPC Brett Bondurant – Brett has expanded his family and taken up sled hockey in the time since receiving his home. He is also running for City Council in his hometown.

2014 home recipient Marine Sgt Joshua Sweeney – Joshua and his wife Amber are happy to be raising their son and daughter in Oregon. Josh, who won the gold medal for the U. S. sled hockey team in Sochi in 2014, has started a local sled hockey program in Oregon and plans to enroll in college and pursue a degree in engineering.

2015 home recipient Army SPC Geoffrey Quevedo – Geoffrey and his wife Samantha are now proud parents to two young boys. Since moving into his HFOT home, Geoffrey started running and often races with Team HFOT. He is starting school again to become a counselor or work with troubled youth.

2016 home recipient Army SGT Steven Curry – Steven is currently the president of HFOT’s Veteran Action and Advisory (VAAT) Committee and serving on HFOT’s Board of Directors. He is currently in the process of earning his pilot’s license.

2017 home recipient Air Force TSgt Daniel Fye – Since receiving his home, Dan achieved his lifelong dream of becoming a firefighter. He graduated from South Sound Fire Academy on Vashon Island in November 2018 and is planning on attending EMT school.

2018 home recipient Army SGT Cristian Valle – Cristian is now pursuing his lifelong dream of becoming an actor. Read more about his story here.