Top Seven Best Practices of HFOT’s Donors

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Our donors are discerning and sophisticated. They want to ensure their hard-earned funds are helping a legitimate and fiscally responsible organization, so they do their homework, often consulting and relying on the guidance of professional evaluators such as Charity Navigator. If you recognize any of these habits in your own giving practices, congratulations—and thanks for your support.

  1. They are proactive – HFOT donors have taken the time to identify and research a specific military charity with a clear and finite goal, rather than a broad, general idea. HFOT donors know the organization’s mission is laser-focused on building specially adapted custom homes for severely injured Veterans, to enable them to rebuild their lives.

  2. They avoid the middleman – Supporters of HFOT are not lured by for-profit telemarketing campaigns that pocket a large portion of each dollar raised. Our supporters know they can make a donation directly to HFOT either by visiting, calling in a payment by phone, or sending a donation by mail. Additionally, HFOT is fiscally conscious of all outbound marketing/mailing costs and distributes its communications using the most cost-efficient manner for the task.

  3. They confirm 501 C (3) status – Wise donors know to only support groups that are tax-exempt and a registered 501 C (3) with the Internal Revenue Service. HFOT meets these guidelines.

  4. They value accountability and transparency – Charities that practice good transparency methods are less likely to engage in unethical behavior or misuse donations. HFOT donors can rest easy knowing the organization clearly outlines where and how funds are distributed. Our annual reports are available on our website.

  5. They review executive compensation – Keen donors know to take the salaries of an organization’s executive staff into consideration. This information about HFOT is available at

  6. They ask about results – We take great pride in reporting how we Build Homes and Rebuild Lives. We have an Annual Impact Report to help illustrate how your dollars have made a difference. If you have questions about our accomplishments, goals, and challenges, do not hesitate to call us at (508) 823-3300.

  7. They are committed for the long term – Stakeholders of HFOT’s mission know that helping our nation’s injured Veterans is not a trend; they stand firmly with HFOT in supporting our important work. Hundreds of our generous and patriotic supporters have pledged their ongoing support by becoming monthly donors (Operation Lasting Support), donating their cars, including HFOT in their will, or by making a year-end contribution. For more info, visit Ways to Support Our Mission on our website.

Reprinted in part with the permission of Charity Navigator, America’s leading independent charity evaluator.