Five things that make HFOT different from other Military and Veteran charities

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There are more than 45,000 nonprofits dedicated to serving military Veterans and their families registered with the IRS, according to a 2015 report from GuideStar. With so many organizations, it can be overwhelming for a donor to choose the one most worthy of their support.

In our 15 years of existence, Homes For Our Troops has developed a number of best practices that make us different from other military and Veteran charities.

  • HFOT’s relationship with the Veterans does not end when they receive their keys. The most important aspect of the Homes For Our Troops mission is Rebuilding Lives, therefore, we stay in contact with our Veterans after home delivery. Our Veteran Support team’s sole focus is following up with our Veterans. To improve our post home delivery support, we continue to expand our network of nonprofits, corporations, and government entities to provide assistance with employment, education, training, health, and other matters. We also have a peer mentoring program, the Veteran Action and Advisory Team (VAAT), consisting of Veterans and spouses in the HFOT program.
  • Veterans in the Homes For Our Troops program choose where they want to live in the United States. For our Veterans, many factors go into that decision including proximity to family and medical centers, school systems, jobs, privacy preferences, and urban versus rural settings. The HFOT land team locates and provides prospective lots to the Veteran, who then makes the final selection. Our goal is to have this HFOT home be their forever home, and where it is located is of the utmost importance.
  • To ensure that our Veterans are set up for long-term success as a homeowner, HFOT links each Veteran with a pro-bono financial planner for three years to assist in household budgeting. We also provide homeownership education and warranty coverage.
  • HFOT has a comprehensive selection process for Veterans applying to our program. This enables us to better set the conditions for their long-term success. Learn more about requesting assistance here.
  • Homes For Our Troops continues to be a top-rated Military and Veterans Charity by Charity Watch, GuideStar, Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance, and Charity Navigator.