HM3 Edward Bonfiglio

Loxahatchee, FL

Always wanting to serve his country, Edward “Eddie” Bonfiglio enlisted in the Navy after graduating high school, continuing the legacy of his family members serving in the military. He joined as a hospital corpsman, deploying to Iraq twice before going to Afghanistan for a third tour in 2009.  

On Aug. 10, 2009, during his third combat deployment, Hospital Corpsman Third Class Bonfiglio was on a routine patrol with D Company, 2nd Assault Amphibian Battalion, when his unit was ambushed in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. HM3 Bonfiglio was shot in the left leg and sciatic nerve during the firefight.  

After years of attempted limb salvage, Eddie decided to have doctors amputate his left leg below the knee in 2015. 

Medically retired, Eddie lives an active lifestyle, but also enjoys relaxing and recharging at home. However, this is difficult to do in his current living environment since it is not accessible. His prosthetic often becomes painful when worn for extended periods of time, so he prefers to use his wheelchair at the end of the day, but he cannot access many areas in his current home while using it. He risks falling while balancing on his leg in the shower and cannot reach the kitchen shelving. He often becomes frustrated when working out of his remote office on the second floor, which forces him to hop up and down the stairs constantly. Receiving a single-level specially adapted custom Homes For Our Troops home with an open floorplan and accessible bathroom would mitigate many of Eddie’s challenges. Most of all, Eddie is looking forward to having his own sanctuary where he can comfortably rest and host family and friends. 

Empowered by the freedom and independence of an HFOT home, Eddie will have more time and energy to pursue other opportunities. Currently a software consultant, his goal is to start his own business. He would also like to volunteer more with Veteran organizations in his area. 

Originally from New Jersey, Eddie is choosing to build his home in Florida for the warm climate. 

Eddie says he thanks HFOT’s donors and supporters from the bottom of his heart. “What you do to help injured military Veterans is nothing short of extraordinary. It is a selfless act to give folks like myself the opportunity to lead a full life after injury.” 

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