Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the questions most frequently asked about our organization.  Please call us or email us if you need more information.   pdf-icon
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"What is your mission?"
"Are you a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization?"

          Yes, we are a 501(c) 3 ...

"Do you build only brand new homes, or do you adapt existing homes?"
"Who do you provide assistance to?"
"Do you help severely wounded service members from all branches of the military?"
"What does specially adapted mean?"
"How do you select your Veterans?"
"What are the steps of the application process?"
"Does Homes for Our Troops charge the Veteran for the home?"
"What makes HFOT different?"
"How are you funded?"
"What percentage of my donation goes to overhead?"
"How do I make a donation?"
"Do you have any Chapters across the country?"

          We do not have chapters ...

"How is land chosen for a build project?"
"What is the SAH grant and how much is it? How does HFOT obtain the grant?"
"Does HFOT provide a warranty on the house?"
"How does HFOT assist the Veteran in being prepared financially for homeownership?"
"How long do most build projects take?"
"What happens if you don’t have enough funds to complete the build project?"
"I am from the media. How do I interview someone at HFOT?"
"How do I contact you?"

          Email us at ...

"Can I contact a Veteran?"

          Due to privacy issues ...

"Why don’t you advertise? How come we’ve never heard of you guys?"
"How do I start a fundraiser?"
"Who are your Corporate Partners?"
"What kind of financial support do you receive from these partners?"
"Will HFOT build a home anywhere the Veteran wants to be?"
"Do you rehab homes?"

          Not at this time ...

"Have you ever rehabbed a home?" 
"How much do your homes cost?" 
"How large are your homes?
"How do you ensure quality control during construction?"
"Why would Veterans who have prosthetic legs require a specially adapted home? Aren’t they able to stand and walk around just fine in a regular (non-adapted) home?"

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Updated 10/1/15


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