Sgt Christopher Kurtz

Clarksville, TN

Christopher Kurtz

On Dec. 21, 2010, Army Sergeant Christopher Kurtz was on a dismounted patrol with the 1-75 Cavalry, 2nd Brigade, 101st Airborne Division, in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan, when he stepped on a 20 pound improvised explosive device (IED). The blast resulted in the loss of both his legs and parts of his left hand.

SGT Kurtz was first transferred to Landstuhl, Germany, before returning stateside to Walter Reed Medical Center. There, he endured numerous surgeries, skin grafts, revisions to the left leg and battled infections – all in the first three weeks. He remained an inpatient there for four months and did outpatient therapy until January 2013. During his rehabilitation, he learned to use his wheelchair, hand cycle and use prosthetics. He also competed for spots in the 2014 Warrior Games for archery, shooting and wheelchair basketball.

Now medically retired, Christopher plays wheelchair basketball for the Music City Lightning out of Nashville, and enjoys hunting and fishing. However, Christopher still faces challenges within his own home. He says the roll in shower and pull down shelving will make daily activities much easier. The financial burden that will be lifted, will also be a tremendous relief, he says. He would like to build up his children’s college funds and also further his own education. He recently became certified as a machinist from Tennessee College of Applied Technologies and is now taking a welding course. The open space will also give him more opportunities to spend time with his wife, Heather, by having an area where they can build puzzles and models.

Christopher and his family are planning to build their home in Pleasant View, Tennessee for its proximity to family, central location and good VA facility.

Owning a home has been a dream of Christopher’s since he was a teenager. He wants HFOT supporters to know their help means more than they will ever know. “The injuries I have suffered physically and mentally have been stressful to myself and my family. Having an adaptive home will be a great relief, dream come true and a blessing.”

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